What IAEC training is

    IAEC training is basic chaplaincy training for those ministering to the uniformed services (military, defense force, police, etc.) of their nation. IAEC seeks to “equip the saints” for ministry in this unique sub-culture though our training. CLICK HERE for a list of core classes.

    What IAEC training is not

    IAEC training is not theological training. Our conviction is that theological training is the responsibility of the Church rather than IAEC. IAEC training does not qualify someone to become a chaplain. This status of “chaplain” is something that must be decided by the individual church, military, or nation. Certificates of Completion given at the closing ceremony as well as IAEC Membership Certificates state.

    How We Operate

    IAEC training teams consist of three or four trainers as well as wives who are able to attend. One of these trainers will also serve as the Team Leader.

    All of our trainers are retired military and come from a variety of armed services and backgrounds. We have chaplains, chaplain assistants, and line officers from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. As mentioned above, when they are able and it is practical, wives may join their husband trainers on the team.

    Because everyone working with IAEC is a volunteer, trainers travel to the host nation at their own expense.

    Training Requests

    IAEC receives requests for training from a couple of different sources. One is through the Military Christian Fellowship in the prospective host nation. Other requests come from the Campus Crusade Military Ministry Director in a particular country. A third source may be through a chaplain in a particular country who has heard about IAEC and believes we can meet a need in his nation.

    Please contact our Director for Training if you would like to find out more.

    Here is the Powerpoint briefing that explains our training. Please click here.

    The IAEC Executive Director approves all training requests.

    Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

    IAEC requires that an MOU is signed before making a commitment to a nation. This MOU outlines the responsibilities of both IAEC and the host nation. A typical MOU would state that IAEC provides the training and the notebooks for students. Host Nation responsibilities include food, lodging, and transportation for the team once the team arrives. Host Nation responsibilities also include providing a location for the training, audio visual support, and other logistical requirements. While there are other things in the MOU, these are the basics. Please contact our Director for Training for a copy of a generic MOU.